Tuesday, January 4, 2011

BPA<---->Throw it Away!

BPA....are you familiar with it? I had heard things about it here and there but never really gave it much thought until a few weeks ago when Dr. Oz had a segment about it on his show. I really paid attention, or so I thought. I was telling my family about it at Christmas and the more I tried to tell them about it, the more I was confusing myself and them.
If you look at the bottom of any plastic water bottle, childs sippy cups, bowls, the hard plastic bottles we use to carry water to the gym.....on the bottom of all of these there should be a number present between the triangle shaped recyle arrows. Here is where the confusion came in.....what numbers are harmful, which ones are not. I had to go to my computer and do a little research.

First of all you may be asking, what is BPA? BPA, Bisphenol A is a xenoestrogen, a known endocrine disruptor, meaning it disturbs the hormonal messaging in our bodies. Synthetic xenoestrogens are linked to breast cancer and uterine cancer in women, decreased testosterone levels in men, and are particularly devastating to babies and young children. BPA has even been linked to insulin resistance and Type 2 Diabetes.

To be certain that you are choosing a bottle that does not leach, check the recycling symbol on your bottle. If it is a #2 HDPE (high density polyethylene), or a #4 LDPE (low density polyethylene), or a #5 PP (polypropylene), your bottle is fine. The type of plastic bottle in which water is usually sold is usually a #1, and is only recommended for one time use. Do not refill it. Better to use a reusable water bottle, and fill it with your own filtered water from home and keep these single-use bottles out of the landfill.
For a list of good and bad numbers LOOK HERE!

Not only is BPA found in water bottles, some cans that our canned veggies, tuna, etc. come in, also contain BPA. I have started buying all of my tuna in pouches. It costs a little more, but I am investing in my health, so I feel it is worth the small extra cost. I may be going overboard too,but I also have replaced all of my plastic drinking cups with drinking glasses. They were only $8.99 for 10 glasses at Ross. I just feel better mentally drinking from the glasses.
                            Plastic Coding System

HERE is a better definition of the recycle codes. Can you understand now, why I was confused trying to explain this to my family ;)

There are many articles online to better explain BPA leaching and how to avoid it. I hope I have made you just a little more aware of it. Pass it on!!


  1. I have heard about this but didn't know all of the details.
    Thank you for researching and posting!

  2. You're welcome Kathy!
    I had heard a little about it too, but never really paid attention to it. I learned alot while researching this. I don't want to be a real worry wart about things like this, but I will be more aware.

  3. Interesting Bev!! Thank you for sharing! And I had never heard this before!!