Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What a Day!

Tired: suggest a condition in which a large part of one's energy and vitality has been consumed. One who is TIRED has used up a considerable part of his of her bodily or mental resourses.One who is EXHAUSTED is completely drained of energy and vitality. Usually because of *arduous or long sustained effort. One who is FATIGUED has consumed energy to a point where rest and sleep are demanded. One who is WEARIED has been under protracted exersion or strain that has gradually worn out his of her strength

That's all I got....too darn tired to think after spending a week in Vegas!

*Arduous: requiring great exertion ; laborious; difficult

Here We Go!

Well, here I go! I started a blog once, over a year ago and never remembered how to even get back to it. I am hoping to be better about it now.

My daughter Candace, who writes her own amazing blog, asked me, "what are you going to blog about mom"? Well, what you will be reading about is a challenge I have put forth to myself. It has been years since Mrs. Rowtons High School English class and since I work with toddlers and preschool children everyday, my adult grammar may not be up to par either, but please bear (or is it bare) with me.

I was recently challenged to think of a project that would Make A Difference (M.A.D) in the world or my community. There were to be only the top 10 projects chosen. This was something I really wanted to participate in, REALLY! My family were the only people I told about this challenge. Even the people that were helping me coordinate my project weren't told of my challenge, except Barbara, the one that was more than willing to turn this project over to me. I think she was just wondering what in the world would motivate me to take over something she was so willing to give up. She along with my family, were my cheerleaders. I was afraid that if I said it out loud and too many people heard me, then I was going to have to move mountains to make it happen...did I really want to do that?? Was I ready for the disappointment of my project possibly not being chosen?? Would I just forget about the whole idea? A quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson says, " Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen."
Well, the time had arrived for me to "pitch" my project. With SOOO many good ones to consider, unfortunately, mine didn't make it into the top 10, not even the top 15.
I was shy the confidence that I needed to make my goal of being chosen a reality.
I am not giving up on my project, I can't....I forge ahead.
The best advice I was given to figure out an idea for my project was to "find a need a fill it."

I happen to see a commercial on a local TV station about a fundraiser that was being held in a neighboring town for Dog Wash to raise money for a Meals on Wheels Pet Project. I did my research on this program and it is basically a project to deliver pet food and supplies to senior citizens that are taking food from there Meals on Wheels plates and sharing it with their furry friends. I can remember my grandmother doing this very thing with her dog Freckles. Not only would she share her meal, she would fry hamburger meat and feed him before she would feed herself.

I called our local Meals on Wheels, where my mom, when she was alive, spent most weekdays helping prepare meals. Lana, the MOW director was happy to set up an appointment for me to come and talk to the seniors. She chose July 21st, "Birthday Celebration Day" at the center for me to come and approach the seniors. "Everyone is here on that day. There's birthday cake!."

This was my presentation to the group:

While the rest of the world is falling apart around us, I decided to find more good news for animal lovers! Today I want to talk about a plan that is being used all across the United States involving the elderly and their pets. Some organizations simply supply food to people having a hard time providing food for their pets. I want to spread the good news in hope that we can implement a similar plan here in West.

Many elderly live alone and a pet is the only companionship they have. Studies have shown that pets improve the quality of life for everyone. I won't go into that because everyone knows that already. I WILL go into what many of the elderly are facing today. Being financially unable to feed their pets, which puts the pet in danger of being placed in a shelter or given away. Either option is heartbreaking to the owner.

Meals on Wheels has started a program in many areas of the country. Now along with food being delivered to those on the program, they also deliver pet food. While each reference I've found has a different method of doing this, they all have a common goal. Keep the pet with the owner and provide food and cat litter free of charge. Both money and food donations are needed to keep this successful program going.

This service has eased the burden of the elderly of how to feed their four legged companions. Before this program was put into place, many had to share their own meals with their pet. Offering pet food ensures the elderly can eat their entire meal knowing that their best friend also has food. A lot of people may say that we should forget the pets and put the people first. They don't realize that a companion animal is a best friend (or child) to many who live alone. The same holds true for families that have fallen on hard times.Removing the animal because times are tough is simply not an option.

I want to make sure the ideas I've listed here get put into place. The elderly, the pets and the animal shelters will all benefit because fewer animals will be brought in and labeled "Can't Keep." And fewer hearts will be broken.

Ok, I sold the group on my idea....I left a sign up sheet and told them I would return for it.
That is when I received a phone call from Barbara. She had already been delivering pet food to some of our local citizens and she wanted to turn it all over to me! When I asked her if there had ever been fund raisers held, her answer was "No." Had any businesses been approached about donations of pet food/supplies her answer was "No." I told her not to worry, I would take care of it all. YIKES!! Now what??? How do I raise funds?

Aha! I will start by donating 5% of my profits from my part time business as a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant. We were already doing a fund raiser in our unit donating $1 for every face we make beautiful to the Mary Kay Ash Foundation which helps causes so very close to my heart, cancers effecting women and women that have been effected by domestic violence and abuse. http://www.mkacf.org/ I will just take out another 5% from my profits and use that for my cause. I also have plans to go door to door to local grocery stores and feed stores to recruit donations. My wish is to not just drop off the food and supplies to the seniors, but to build a relationship with them so they know I really am on their side.

I have taken this on alone with my family behind me, only this time, I AM SAYING IT OUT LOUD!!! I have made my decision!

Feel free to cheer me on!!