Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wanna Share a Pepsi?

Valentines Day is for lovers, right? Having been single for the past 20 years, (it's hard to believe it has been 20 years), I tend to ignore all of the Valentine hype. Yes, I have been "alone" for that long and as odd as some people find that to be, I am very happy!
There is a difference between being "alone" and being "lonely". I have rarely felt lonely. You see, when you finally make a decision to leave an unhealthy relationship, it is PEACE that you are looking for, not companionship.........but there are moments.....

A few years ago there was a large group of us going to Vegas for a few days. My best friend Deb is a travel agent and is good at getting these groups together. Being from a small town, we usually all know one another.
On this particular trip, Deb had a bus to take us all on the 80 mile drive to the Dallas airport. There was a couple on the trip that has been married for 30+ years. To watch them interact, you would've thought they were newlyweds.
We were settling down in the airport waiting to board the plane when I took a seat behind this couple. She had recently undergone a hysterectomy and had gotten the Dr's permission travel. As I sat there, I could hear her husband talking so concerning to her. "Are you feeling ok?" "Did you take your Tylenol?" "Anything hurt?" and the last question, "Do you want to share a Pepsi"?
That last  question brought tears to me eyes. It really made me start thinking how wonderful it would be to have a relationship like that. To have someone to really care about me and my well being. To share the excitement of going on a trip and all of the experiences of being there. It also made me wonder if she really knew how lucky she was to have a husband that truly cared about her.

So it is that type of relationship that I want and I'm not settling for anything less. That probably explains the last 20 years of being single. Those type of men are either taken or don't exist.....but I haven't given up hope....I'm pretty sure I'll recognize him if I meet him.......... and when I do I'll just ask,

                         "Wanna share a Pepsi?"