Thursday, December 30, 2010

One More Sweet Day!

It's almost here.....D-Day. I'm counting down like I'm being lead to the death chamber in two days. I have today and tomorrow to rid my house of any sweets. I have joined forces with a few others to stop the madness.....what madness is that you may ask? We are going to stop eating sugar and drinking sodas. Right now the goal is to make it until Valentines Day. It takes preparing to succeed at doing this. First is to rid your home of contraband. So out goes the leftover peanut brittle from Christmas, the Great Value generic Oreos and the last few sodas left in the fridge!

The Brownie mixes will be saved for my snack day at our church meetings. I think it is time to bake Halloween cupcakes for my day care children today and that will take care of those. I have a son-in-law that will really enjoy the peanut brittle.
The sodas are no problem. I will have the Big Red gone this morning and the Coke Zeros will be sent home with another son-in-law as I don't drink them.
I am ready to do this....who's with me?

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